[Values-Meaning-Goals-Sandbox Operating-Countless Details] & [Glossary of My own Language System]

Life is countless details under the framework of meaning. I arrived at this after about half a month thinking in rebuilding personal routine. Without countless details discovered and optimized on a daily basis, meaning will soon be de-constructed as a result of lacking vibrance, and one soon gets carried away in unstoppable torrents of  life. That’s why I shall record and act upon those countless details.

Sandbox 1 [Body-Buddy](Sandbox Condension)

[Meaning of Framework]

1.An undisposable pillar for Body-Buddy A symbol of unrelinquishable persistence for life

2.An pillar of a clear mind

[Countless Details]

  1. Rise at Cock’s Crow; Night Makes Days; 2. Get a Handle on the Ball; Indoor Workout; Nightwalker(with stretching); 3. Take in Good Fuel; 4. provide agasint risky items: Rhinitis, tonsillitis, catch cold, knee pain, diarrhea, sports injury

Sandbox 2 [Language is Mind]

[Meaning of Framework]

1.The Language border is the mind border

2. A symbol of unrelinquishable persistence for life

[Countless Details] 

NPR; Wild videos;Film

Sandbox 3 Meaningful Immerssion

  1. Reading; 2. Read aloud; 3. Stitcher; 4. Stroll; 5. Writing


Countless Details


Meat-chicken, Meat-chickenization


Sandbox Condension

Minimum Reflection-Action Unit(MRAU)

Step-Back Method(SBM)

Body-Buddy Porject

Fixed Move

Meaning of Framework

Sandbox, Sandbox Operating

Sandbox Condensing

Risky Items

Cannon Fodder

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