Nov. 8th

Time’s like quicksand in a palm. Some feel its crudity, some its softness.

Glossary of My Own Language System

Fuckproof; Meat-chicken, Meat-chickenization; Bell-Knocking; Minimum Reflection-Action Unit(MRAU)[最小行思单元]; Step-Back Method(SBM)[退阶法];

A my new added coinage tonight:  Minimum Reflection-Action Unit(MRAU). Fixated moves in a plan must be done even in weariness, perhaps with a lesser degree. Almost gave up the routine workout tonight and sat back in the chair. But after all got down to it, as spurred by the thought that if I skip the workout tonight, I’d lose not only the benefits produced this time, but a bit of faith for myself and the plan. So I’ve gotta do it even with a lesser degree. This could be called Step-Back Method(SBM). Hence another coinage of mine. MRAU stands for a period from when I begin to reflect on current moves and when I begin to act to improve the moves. Put it simply, time between thinking and doing. MARU now for a move is about 3-7days. I must shorten it to within 3 days.

  • Nailed down the model of “M” in M-RTW

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