3rd Nov.

Rose up as set, albeit a bit of struggle. Sat through a brighter sky outside. Raining a bit. “Ferris Wheel” popped up in mind, and soon got down to it. It entered my mind that I’d step into a carriage and wheel upward under the drizzling sky. The reflective picture set me in motion. Or because of my remaining childish complex for anything about wheel.

The trip, however, ended up in another park without a ferrish wheel either. The first park I asked got the wheel shut for maintenance. The second just got none. O.K. Good. It doesn’t matter. Grabbed some for lunch. While waiting for a pancake, the aunt (referring to an unknown middle-aged woman in Chinese) who’s making it complained of a man’s asking for the information of her stall rent. She said some would go to the boss and like to be a replacement with a lower salary. Interestingly difficult story.

The park oozzed its tranquility. Got deep into the woods. “Two roads diverge in the wood…” but I saw only one in the wood then.

I know not as much about Botany as photopgraphy

Weary and knee-ached in the transferring between the metro lines and way back.

Sleepy. Sleep.

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