1st Nov.

How to be a fan?

Watched Roundtable Pieļ¼Œan episode aboutĀ music aesthetics, rock-n-roll, and music market. How to be a fan of a musican? How to be a fan of anyone you like? To feel him as it is and move along with him into the recesses of time. Got it.

Write on impluses or on discipline?

In the past, the impulse to write before bed always got me in a dilemma: write or sleep? Strokes of inspiration came largely at night( most of them count only personally). I got many nights’ sleep spoiled. I got many a word written, too. But always couldn’t strike a balance, one between reserving passion and reflections of mind and getting enough sleep. A passion that operates in a sandbox would be probably the best way out. That means you always unleash the thoughts in a timeframe regularly. Thought the timeframe is regular, like at a time every day, the thoughts could be unfettered. That’s how I achieve the writing freedom—freedom within and discipline without.

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