Oct 31, 2019


It has been 12 days since I jumped out. The first week was a bit of dip into the rebuilding of body-buddy project—–-let my body becomes my buddy, with and in which I’d rove further along. The attempt was interrupted, though. After first two days’ shocking breakdown, and another two waiting for the fallout to pass, I forged again. I got up earlier, this time in closer accordance with the preset goal: getting up at 6 a.m.

Yesterday I rose up kinda light-headed, which continued into dribbling drills afterwards. I thus cut the regular sets of dribbling and went to grab my breakfast merely after some feeble shooting. An old man, neverthelss, spoke highly of my, or more generally young people’s, build, seemingly reminiscing his lostime of life. In a flash of mind, I determined, as I had had before, to be ever muscle-bulging and spirit-bulging like a youngster even when I am at the old man’s age one day. I doubt I could recall the morning we met then. Today I rose up normally, with no dizziness, and met the old man again. He was with his aquaintances. We nodded our greetings.

What am I writing for?

I had dropped writing off and on and I really thought about why I’d write. In building the “body-buddy” system, I wrote this in Ticktock (Dida in Chinese, a versatile to-do-list app)

Language learning calls for a lifelong effort. Or you lose all the previous achivements. Worse, you’d not only regress in language competency, but lose a heart that tends for a fire twisting in the wind, fearing for its being put out, wishing its growth and a time and a road along with it.


Up until this point, I am confident enough I understand why I keep writing(it takes time and efforts to know yourself). I writing for

  • language honing-up. Language is my weapon for thinking.
  • a fire of mind[as mentioned above]. This makes me know I do exist.
  • a simple persistence in torrents of time. This offers kinda sense of eternity through human efforts, thus a source of strength

Seeking the truth in exploring countless details.

Also, I figured out a key factors in terms of doing somehting over a long time. Seeking the best(or the truth) in exploring countless details. In pursuit of a long-term goal, aside from the overall framwork( methods, timeframe), you must ever modify the details of the plan for each and every day. Or you may feel bored to go on. As you go with your plan, you yourself are constantly changing, so the plan needs tweaks all the time. Don’t overhaul it. Just tweak it. You need to feel fresh and a bit challenging all the time. This dawned me in the realm of workout. I doubt this is exactly what life looks like.

How hard are you?

Watched an NHK documentary called Life with Tears in Eyes [my rendering to English]. Ding Shangbiao(丁尚彪) left his hearth and home for Japan, where he began his 15-year illegal work. Got misty-eyed.

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