Oct. 24th Windy

Back and Back again

I remember how determined I was last time writing in this blogsite that I’d write constantly here. Obviously, it had been interrupted for so long. I was just typing “failed”, but in a flash of thinking settled with “interrupted”. No so many failures in life, which, if at all, are simply other’s shitty values forced on us. I shall watch out my language, especially the language I’d commhnicate with myself. This is an important credo which I’d put a much more stock in.

Be an Achilles Rooted in Great Earth

Strayed a bit, though. a couple of weeks back, I finished a read called Life Patterns by Yang Zhiping, a voracious reader and online writer focused on cognition and neuroscience and personal growth. I haven’t got time to review the book but I haven’t got time (more of a procrastination) to review it and extract the cream. However, I was impressed by the idea that you’d better be attached to some fixated moves in torrents of life, or you might be carried away, and disoriented. Worse, when down the road you got , you’d feel feet off the ground. It occured to me that I shall be an Achilles. He has to stand on earth to get his strength, which was seen as a vital flaw. But this is exactly what I need. To root in great earth to gain strenth. Writing in this blog is such a way. Yet I have to do this a quick way as time is pinched. The challenge is to do it quickly and enjoy it in the same time.

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