[Values-Meaning-Goals-Sandbox Operating-Countless Details] & [Glossary of My own Language System]

Life is countless details under the framework of meaning. I arrived at this after about half a month thinking in rebuilding personal routine. Without countless details discovered and optimized on a daily basis, meaning will soon be de-constructed as a result of lacking vibrance, and one soon gets ca[……]

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Nov. 8th

Time’s like quicksand in a palm. Some feel its crudity, some its softness.

Glossary of My Own Language System

Fuckproof; Meat-chicken, Meat-chickenization; Bell-Knocking; Minimum Reflection-Action Unit(MRAU)[最小行思单元]; Step-Back Method(SBM)[退阶法];

A my new added coinage tonight:  Minimum Reflecti[……]

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3rd Nov.

Rose up as set, albeit a bit of struggle. Sat through a brighter sky outside. Raining a bit. “Ferris Wheel” popped up in mind, and soon got down to it. It entered my mind that I’d step into a carriage and wheel upward under the drizzling sky. The reflective picture set me in motion. Or because of my[……]

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